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This is a very early demo of Out of the Hat, it may contain bugs and glitches and it does not represent the quality level of the final product.

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Out of The Hat is a puzzle platformer where you will be thrown in a bizarre world inspired by the masters of the uncanny, including Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, HP Lovecraft and many more.

You will follow the adventures of a little girl, forced to work for a maleficent magician in an old circus full of mysteries. You will face the dangers of the woods and other unusual places, but also experience the magic that this adventure brings with it.

Just like with magic, nothing is what it seems: the world you will explore hides one big secret and going deeper and deeper in this adventure you will realise that something does not add up. Magic has changed this world, almost as if it had been shaped by someone's fears.

A journey inspired by fairy tales and archetypal nightmares, where you will rise from dark events or succumb to them; where you will have to face your monsters if you hope to overcome them.

Out of The Hat was born out of the question: Can we make a game where we don’t simply tell a story, but actually have the player experience the story through the game mechanics? Our answer was to create a character with no particular skills or powers: as you play, you will be as powerless and frightened as a little girl lost in the woods. The magical hat you stole the Magician before you fled the Circus will become your best ally - by throwing it and teleporting out of it you will have a chance of escaping the many bizarre creatures who populate the woods and the other areas in the game. Becoming a skillful trickster is your only hope of survival.

The nature of the world you will explore is also one of the core elements of the game as its flora and fauna are more than that: fears and feelings shaped these places and, if you survive, you might discover who did it and why.

Updated 4 days ago
Published 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorNot A Number
GenrePlatformer, Adventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Fantasy, Horror, mind-bending, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer, Unity


Out Of The Hat_Demo_Windows.zip 104 MB
OutOfTheHat_Demo_Mac.zip 112 MB


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I thought this game was very interesting! The art style is very Alice in Wonderland, which you guys were aiming for. The gameplay mechanics were also there, although some were more frustrating than others. Over all I'd play this game again when the full release comes out. Good job!


I was requested to play this game for recording and I am so glad I got the chance! This was an amazing game and incredible intro to the strange world you've crafted here. I loved everything about this, the recognizable art-style the entertaining game mechanics the eerie atmosphere. I would love see more of this, Fantastic work!


This game is awesome, it adds in an interesting dynamic to the platformer genre.  We absolutely loved it!!


Such a magical world. Loved the Alice the Wonderland vibe with a hint of Tim Burton. Super adorable, whimsical and magical. Teleporting paired with quick reflexes is such a lovely mechanic to platformers.

Thank you! Really enjoyed your vid! :)


Well now, someone recommended this game to me and I'm massively happy that they did! What a wonderfully whimsical experience this was!

Taking some cues from those side-scrolling wonders Limbo, Pinstripe and Once Upon a Coma and throwing in some extra surprise elements (like a magical teleporting hat), this adds some nice spice to the realm of old-school 2D platforming games.

Playing as a mysterious girl who may or may not be part-bunny, you use your aforementioned hat to make your way across a landscape rife with deadly pitfalls, deadly creatures and deadly everything else you can imagine!

Some of the trials ahead are pretty difficult to overcome, but once you finally make that seemingly impossible jump the satisfaction is overwhelming.

Still though, prepare for some anger and hair-tugging, because this game pulls no punches! As soon as you learn a new trick you have to get used to it pretty sharp or you'll find yourself tumbling to your death over and over again, and having to listen to our poor protagonist's screams can get to be too much after the millionth time!

What we're doing in this world isn't clear, but what is certain is that we have to get out of here! So I highly recommend you strap yourself in and give this game a whirl, because it's beautifully put together!

As for the smarty-pants peeps at Not A Number, keep up the awesome work, I really hope you hit that Kickstarter funding total and that we can one day play the full version of Out of the Hat, because the world needs it and you totally deserve the recognition! =)


Thank you so much for your words and your vid! We really appreciate it!


Definitely not in Kansas anymore. I think I'll need a hat with a mounted gun against the grabby eyes. :) 


Very magical. Its like a portal game. You also need quick reflexes .


Really great game. The art is really nice and the hat mechanics are fun to use.

Thank you πŸ™ enoyed the video πŸ’ͺ


I loved this game! I'm so sad that I finished it so quickly. I hope you guys finish soon so I can play more.

Very fun video πŸ˜‚ thank you πŸ™


Let's try this again...

Now that I know the hatachute, I was able to finish the demo and had a fun time with it. Even though I missed some of the solutions at first, somehow making my own way through things, I like how the game presents puzzles and is easy enough to learn on the fly. Once again, good job, devs.

Great video man! Appreciate you took the time to play it again πŸ™


Cool game! based on different art styles! story more about the game play which i can respect! gives alice wonderland kind of feel! Peeps if your thinking "maybe or i might play it" your missing out right now..... play it trust you wont regret it

Hey DizzY! We really enjoyed the video! thank you for playing! 


Really loved this, you can tell its inspired by Alice In Wonderland. The hat mechanic is really cool πŸ˜€

Thank you TheFringe! it's indeed inspired by Alice In Wonderland but it has its own story to tell ;) and thank you for the video, really enjoyed it ;)


How do you get to the next checkpoint ? You can't seem to double transport and the range wont reach the top platform mid-jump

You should really try again with your mid-jump throw idea ;)

Okay, but it certainly looks as though the recharge rate to throw a hat whilst jumping is longer than it takes to fall back down again


Wonderful atmosphere, graphics and gameplay. It's a gorgeous game! The controls seem to a bit slow to respond on Mac. For example, it'd quickly tap the left or right button to move a few inches and it wouldn't respond. Throwing the hat didn't seem to work as soon as I clicked the mouse and sometimes not at all for some reason. I am also stuck on the glide part. I'm holding the button but really not sure at what point I'm suppose to hold that. Has a ton of potential and the puzzles were perfect and not too frustrating. I could see how to solve them but still failed a bunch, which was fun! The save points are a good distance apart too.

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Hi there! we're happy that you enjoyed the game! We are aware of the issues reguarding the Mac build and the final product will be of course optimized for every platform ;)

For an early demo, Out of the Hat has some good stuff going for it. The art style is right up my alley, with its mix of twisted and oddly "cute" things. It didn't have much going in terms of audio, but the magical sounding bits that played around the rabbits had a nice effect in the game. The teleportation mechanic worked nicely as well, never seeming to cheat me out of any moves. I can see this going places and wish the devs luck with KickStarter. Good job, devs.

I...had an issue with one of the puzzles at the end of my video, however, and would like to address that. It turns out the game has a move I don't recall it making me aware of and, as a result, things ended bitterly for me. As the video was already uploaded by the time I became aware of this, I'll be making a second video correcting my rant. Though if the game did indeed miss out on informing me of the hat chute, that may need looking into.

Hi Skydjinn! Happy to know that you enjoyed the demo and for taking the time to make a video. 

The glide mechanic is unlocked only at a certain point in the game (the part where there are the lianas that break) and therefore the tutorial "hold LT to glide" is shown only at that moment and apparenlty you didn't catch it. 

As there is no apparent reason on why you unlock the glide at that moment I can see why the bitterly reaction  (in the final game there will be a figure called "the mentor" that will teach you new moves) .

I hope that this didn't ruined the game for you and thank you for letting us know your feedback, we will of course make the unlock of the mechanics more explicit in the final game ;) Take care!


Ah, I see what happened now. After looking at the video again, it did tell me about the LT thing but, at that point, I was so used to it telling me how to throw the hat, my mind likely blocked it out. Assuming there's more demo beyond that point, I'll be doing a second video, so I can clear up some of that. (On the bright side, at least I proved that one part is possible without gliding!)

That said, it didn't ruin the game for me, so don't worry. Early development, plus player error. I'm still eager to see what comes of the final work!

Actually you are the first one that we saw completing that part without gliding at all so that's pretty impressive ahah ;) We also updated the build becuse of some graphics problems that we saw in yours and others videos. Enjoy and have a great day!


Hey, just ended at the same point and decided to check the itch to find out that I also had the no floating glitch :/But then after quitting the game and starting it again, suddenly LT as glide started working.

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Hi zelgaris! We will check why sometimes it doesn't work! thank you for trying the demo and tell us ;)


Hello! Okay, I love this game! First of all the graphics are beautiful and the atmosphere really suits the concept. Then the Hat mechanics with the teleportation is just really well balanced and it gives a real impression of skill. Congrats guys! Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest? Check out our itch.io page for more infos ;) 

Hey thank you so much! We'll take a look and definitely consider it!


Good luck ;) 


Thanks to the developer for putting up this demo. Had fun playing it, and can't wait for the full game to come out! If you get stuck somewhere or just want to get a sense of the gameplay, you can check out my video:


Ehi rahna! thank you for playing and taking your time making the video <3